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BeeFM is an app for listening and viewing music and video clips shared on social networks.

The service was created in order to generate a new and pleasant experience of listening to the music friends share with each other.

Instead of having you sit and look for shares of songs and videos on your news feed, BeeFM sends trained bees to hunt them down for you, and turns them into a playlist that you can listen to all day and all night.

Also, BeeFM lets you filter out music styles you don't like, or shares from specific friends.

Hint: If you like a song you hear, click "Like". This will add it to your Likes List and you will be able to listen to it whenever you wish. And this is just one of the features that'll give you an even better experience every time you listen to music.

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Top 12 shared songs of 2012

Tom Waits - I Hope I don't Fall in Love with You
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Tom Waits - I Hope I don't Fall in Love with You
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